A specialist gives his opinion on the behavior of the 6 Palermo aggressors: “More than proving his virility, the abuser makes sure that he can subdue others”

Ángel Pascual Ramos, 23, Lautaro Pasotti, 24, Ignacio Retondo, 22, Alexis Cuzzoni, 20, Tomás Domínguez, 21, and Franco Lykan, 24are the six men arrested for gang raping a 20-year-old girl in the Palermo neighborhood.

The aberrant act, which was carried out in broad daylight and inside a car, ended when the aggressors were interrupted by the residents of the area and later by the police, who showed up at the scene responding to the 911 call. , who claimed to have been drugged by the men, said she will appear as a plaintiff in a criminal case against the men who raped her.

In this regard, we consulted the doctor Walter Ghedinpsychiatrist and sexologist, who spoke about the behavior of the rapist.

“Every intimate encounter needs an agreement, a consensus to turn that act into pleasure, for the act itself and for the freedom to decide to be with that person,” the doctor began by explaining. “Any unequal circumstance in which one decides and the other submits is considered a non-consensual relationship. It is the violent act of breaking into the privacy of the other, and ranges from a humiliating comment to countless actions that have the same meaning of possessing, of messing with the body and emotions of the other without agreement. And if the other is prevented from exercising his right to decide, his existence is reduced by a unilateral force (that of the victimizer) that leaves him powerless, defenseless, violated,” he added.

sexual violence

As Ghedín continues, in the sexual area there are many behaviors that turn the relationship into an unequal bond, with the focus on the lack of consensus. “Forcing them to have relationships, forcing them to have sexual practices for the sole reason that one is the one they want, convincing the other that this or that sexual behavior is best for the couple, not using prophylactics (when the opposite has been decided ) or taking it off at the moment of ejaculation, are just a few examples,” he explains.

“Nevertheless, rape is the extreme of violence that uses sex as a means of domination, cruelty, submission. But that vile action is just a behavior that emerges from a personality that believes that the other can be taken as a weak subject, without rights, to satisfy their interests, not only sexual, but also pleasure based on cruelty, “he adds.

“But if we delve deeper into the subject, to that personal configuration that needs from that subject that does not deserve to say, decide, question, agree, nothing else must obey, it is not an ‘object’, as it is commonly said, if it were, it would lose the complement that the violent needs. The person who violates needs that other to be a ‘subject’, who has entity as a person who can be subdued, dominated, and offers him, both physically and emotionally, some opposition (screaming, crying, scratching, physical resistance, etc.),” ​​says the doctor.

According to the specialist, “sexist violence is characterized by this type of belief (‘the woman provoked me, she deserves it’, ‘she wants to play strong and is weak like everyone else’, ‘they are hysterical that seduce, but then they don’t the consequences are banked’, etc.) “. Therefore, in every act of rape, different factors are added:

  1. A basic personality with narcissistic or psychopathic (antisocial) traits.
  2. Macho beliefs as a form of reinforcement that aims to justify evil towards women.
  3. The high threshold to feel fear. The risk encourages them to continue.

Does a rapist feel an irrepressible sexual desire?

This question attempts to answer what happens to a rapist’s sexual desire: does he want to have sex or does he want to cover up his insecurities? How does the virility of a rapist work against the female gaze?

The rapist brings together three fundamental aspects, continues Ghedí

  1. It is not moved by sexual desire or pleasure (this is secondary).
  2. More than proving his virility, he assures himself that he can be stronger, more vigorous, skillful, cunning, and has the power to subdue others.
  3. His goal is to confirm that the woman is less than the man, that she uses her attractions to provoke, and that she deserves a sanction that should place her in that secondary place.

Alone or in groups

According to Dr. Ghedin, the rapist may act alone or needs to be stimulated by group cohesion. The solitary rapist is a subject who stands on his own, his feedback does not merit the presence of anyone other than his victim; he is on the lookout, he acts in the dark, he surprises, he waits for his victim, he seduces him, he prefers risk, marginality to social exposure.

Then there are the others, those of the gang, those who act in a group using the reinforcement of ties, the right to pass for rites to continue belonging, for the competition to see who is better in the contest, to follow and comply with the leader.

This group action, by acting in this way, challenges the social environment: “look at us, talk about us, call the police and the cameras, we are not masks, we act under the light of day so you can see what we can do”. These rapists who act in groups believe that they, with their action, expose the evil that settles in each one of the people and that is repressed by force of being “politically correct” to be in society. His thinking does not accept gray, or you are on one side or the other: “you are a mask or you act illegally.” They do not believe in the rules of personal care and less interpersonal.

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A specialist gives his opinion on the behavior of the 6 Palermo aggressors: “More than proving his virility, the abuser makes sure that he can subdue others”