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YRYBUCUA. A man was charged by the prosecutor Florencio Pereira of Unit No. 4 of San Estanislao, for a case of sexual abuse of children, which occurred in this town. The agent of the Public Ministry, in addition, ordered the arrest of this person who is currently with unknown whereabouts.

According to the complaint, the victim of the abuse would be the niece of the accused as the person responsible for committing the act. Members of the National Police are engaged in the task of locating the defendant to bring him to justice.

According to the data, the minor was subjected to constant abuse by her perpetrator and also had her threatened during all this time, for which the affected preferred to remain silent for a long time to avoid worse situations against her family environment, said the interveners.

It is also reported that due to the psychological torture she had been suffering, the victim asked her mother to move to the capital of the country to enter the school run by a religious organization, however, a few weeks ago she returned to her community to visit her family and again this person tried to subjugate her sexually, so she decided to make the complaint.

joint action

Since then, the fiscal agent in charge of the intervention, Florencio Pereira, and representatives of the Regional Council for the Rights of Children, Girls and Adolescents (Codeni) have been assisting the victim, with the aim that the accused answer to justice for the act committed.

In this sense, the intervening prosecutor announced that he has enough elements that link the accused with the minor’s complaint, so that the police already have the arrest warrant in their possession.

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A man is charged with sexual abuse of children in Yrybucuá – Nationals – ABC Color