A 6-year-old girl denounced her grandfather for sexual abuse but justice forces her to see him | They demand state intervention

Arcoiris screams, cries, kicks, resists going to her father’s house. The thing is there she meets her paternal grandfather, whom she calls Lelo, accused of committing sexual abuse against her since she was two years and eight months old. Today, Arcoiris is six years old. He lives in La Rioja. Delfina is the mother, who filed a complaint for the first time in June 2018 and ended up being denounced for preventing contact.

In the neighborhood where Arcoiris lives there is a mural that demands justice for the girl, and given the seriousness of the violation she suffers, a front of more than 500 personalities and organizations demands the Official Advisor of Children and Adolescents of the Public Ministry Pupilar Pablo Cubillo, the Judge of the Civil and Commercial Chamber and Jesica Diaz Marano, judge of gender violence and comprehensive protection of minors of the Justice of the Province “to take urgent protection measures to take care of the life and psychophysical integrity of the girl”.

When she returns to her mom, desperate, Arcoiris says that “talking is useless.” The Mother of Plaza de Mayo, Nora Cortiñas, and the former judge Carlos Rozanski, director of the civil association for Advanced Studies in Violence and Sexual Abuse (AEVAS) are just two of the personalities who have underlined the State’s obligation to protect the little girl.

The father’s house and the presence of the grandfather

Judicial actions always tend to favor the paternal family. In 2021, after keeping the girl under the care of her father for six months, the court ruled that Arcoiris should live with her mother for a week and another with him. The last time she returned to her mother’s house, the girl reported new abuses committed by her grandfather.

The complaint was filed but the judge did not make any decision: the counter-complaint of the girl’s father for preventing contact does take immediate effect: Last Wednesday Delfina had to force her daughter to go back to her father’s house, although she has said anyway that she is terrified to go there.

“Providing real protection to Arcoiris is not an option. It is the State’s obligation to prevent a 6-year-old girl from continuing to be a victim of very serious abuse,” Rozanski said. At the same time, 20 deputies from across the political spectrum signed the document detailing the violations of the girl’s rights.

allegations of abuse

“She clearly recounted, on more than one occasion, before different people and professionals involved, being sexually assaulted by her paternal grandfather, her terror of having contact with her father and paternal grandfather, and she has repeatedly expressed not wanting to go with them. However, she is still forced to maintain the ‘parental visits’ from which she returns sexually injured”, they explain and highlight that Delfina made four complaints of sexual abuse, on June 12, 2018; in August 2019; on March 14, 2022 and March 31, 2022, each time the girl, despite being threatened, revealed the sexual abuse and beatings to which the paternal grandfather subjected her.

For her part, the lawyer Giselle Videla, who is part of the Justice for Rainbows Campaign, highlights that “the parent continues to allow contact with the grandfather, who has a prohibition on approach. That is why we ask the Justice to act quickly to really cut off the abuse.”

The physical tests, some verified by the Technical Police and others in the Maternal and Child Hospital of La Rioja, and the psychological skills are overwhelming. However, the aggressor was dismissed on one occasion and in the cases in process no effective measures are taken to protect the girl”, they state from the Justice for Rainbow Campaign.

In two of the cases, the investigation continues because the dismissal of the defendant was appealed and the justice granted that appeal. The 4th Civil and Commercial Chamber issued in 2021 the prohibition of approaching the accused to the girl “but the abuses continue to occur, that is why we ask for real measures,” Videla points out.

The use of “Parental Alienation Syndrome”

The false Parental Alienation Syndrome is one of the tools used by those who choose to persecute protective mothers rather than defend childhoods: they accuse them of implanting in children memories that they have not lived. Without any scientific support or endorsement from psychiatric societies, this invention of a pedophile, US Army officer Richard Garner, is used to ignore the voice of girls and boys, while protecting the father figure, no matter what his actions were. In this case, complicity with the aggressor.

The thing is the situation in Arcoiris, which is serious and urgent, is no exception: many protective mothers suffer persecution after denouncing sexual abuse against their children. Through counterclaims, the parents -in reality, the Justice- separates them from their children. “I think we owe ourselves a very serious and very politicized debate about what is happening with the issue of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence in our country. I have been speaking with protective mothers and with organizations that have been articulating and unifying in the face of these subjugation of the Judicial Power, ”said the national deputy of the Frente de Todos Mónica Macha, one of the legislators who joined the claim, and works to make it visible.

On February 25, the Working Group on Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Adolescence of Argentina met for the first time in Congress, with the presence of specialists and organizations that address this problem. Delfina was at that meeting, to make visible with her own voice what protective mothers suffer throughout the country after denouncing child and adolescent sexual abuse, which in 80% of cases is within the family.

The mothers who end up accused

Macha emphasizes that “many situations appear with very similar characteristics, such as when you go to court and they tell you that the file was lost or that mothers end up accused when they report sexual abuse against their children. They end up accused, treated as liars, as builders of stories that are not true. This is repeated. So, it seems important to me to detect a modus operandi there, in order to have a clear understanding of what is happening”.

What happens to Arcoiris constitutes a sinister trap. “There is no third party appeal. Delfina denounces in the Judiciary, that she is an accomplice, or rather responsible for this situation, where what appears is in some way a cover-up of sexual abuse, “considered the national deputy. The demands for justice for Arcoiris can be followed on Instagram, @justiciaporarcoiris and Facebook, justiceforrainbow.

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A 6-year-old girl denounced her grandfather for sexual abuse but justice forces her to see him | They demand state intervention