8 tips to have more luck on a daily basis

Luck is not always the result of chance. Discover the advice of our experts to provoke it!

I want to be lucky… to do what?

The principle of intention requires that we define objectives, that we specify what we have in mind when we decide to provoke our chance. What are my desires? Find a better job? Meet a companion/companion? Improve my relationship with my children? The therapist Caroline de Surany suggests list your dreams, young and old, and once a week, sow a small seed to move towards this dream (looking for information on a job that attracts us…).

Set small goals with a deadline not to be exceeded to have benchmarks and realize its progress. Be determined and don’t let go. Luck is a skill that you acquire through hard work.

Specialist of the “luck factor”, Richard Wiseman, professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, in Great Britain, is formal: the lucky ones share four characteristics:

  • they know how to spot favorable opportunities,
  • they trust their intuition,
  • they expect to be lucky,
  • and they see the positive everywhere, including the negative.

Less anxious, more open to others, they cause luck.

Knowing how to welcome the unexpected

No chance to provoke his luck if we stay still, passive, if you keep your usual routine, reassuring but less rich in novelties. For luck to come into her life, she needs the unexpected. Philippe Gabilliet, professor of psychology and author of Praise of luck, or the art of taking your life in hand (ed. I read), defines luck as “the intelligence of the unexpected”.

Must be in availability, curiosity, open-mindedness to let the unexpected into his life. Caroline de Surany suggests opening the door to a new experience every day: changing routes, who knows if it won’t be an opportunity to meet someone you’ve never seen since you’ve never been there.

Believe in your lucky star to bring about your luck

It sounds simplistic, but provoking one’s luck is above all a question of state of mind, an attitude that invites change one’s outlook on events and to consider them as opportunities to bounce back. After all, “luck smiles on the bold” is not just a saying: it is a psychological mechanism, a behavior.

It is a matter of representation of oneself and of one’s existence. It has little to do with the reality of the facts, but more with his self-esteem and his optimism. If you believe in your luck, you’ll notice a lot of little positive things – which can be called strokes of luck. They go unnoticed if you don’t pay attention to them. Pay attention to what is happening around you therefore opens up possibilities: in addition to finding a ticket on the ground in the street, it can also be to discover this good plan concerning our next vacation in this newspaper that we do not usually read. Or even hearing this conversation in a company restaurant which could open the way to this professional opportunity that you have been waiting for (and not that you have been waiting for).

Believe in yourself, in your luck, in your future and in your projectss allows you to release all the positive waves necessary to cause, precisely, this chance which leads to the achievement of your objectives.

Take action to provoke fate

If you spend your life waiting, for sure, nothing will happen. To provoke our luck, we make bets. Sometimes it fails, but sometimes it works. By initiating an action to carry out this project, we direct our creativity.

The Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius said that “luck is the meeting of a will and a kairos”, the right time. This definition refers to two things: first, to the order of pure chance, but also to the idea of ​​kairos, this favorable moment which is an opportunity to be seized.

Visualize your chance to make it concrete

Neurological studies have shown that when the brain sees something very strong for 17 secondss, he integrates it. Hence this advice: the day you have decided to ask your superior for a raise, spend a few minutes, upon waking, visualizing the scene, in a positive way and with all the details. Feel everything within you. Your brain will register this scene, and expect everything to happen as you visualized it. You will arrive in front of your leader in a positive state of mind, with great energy and more self-confidence.

Knowing how to bounce back from the glitches of life

A tile happens to everyone: but the lucky one will know how to do something with it. Once the shock and the pain passed, he does not ruminate, but optimizes.

He recycles what happens to him after a separation, he and gets something out of it. For example, he decides to finally realize his dream of settling in his heart region. There is also someone who “benefits” from an accident to redirect your life : thus, many artists bear witness to the turning point in their lives that a long hospitalization constituted. Jazz singer Melody Gardot, for example, learned music and the guitar during her year in bed following a traffic accident; the same goes for the showman and magician Éric Antoine who, on this occasion, discovered and fell in love with magic, or the singer and actress Lorie Pester, who decided to turn to music when an injury stopped her career. figure skater. What was initially an unfortunate event germinates the chance ofmake it a positive event for the rest of his life.

Show gratitude to stay positive

Each night, list three things that happened that day that make you want to say thank you. This way, you realize that you were lucky, which puts you in a positive state of mind.

Be an opportunity for others: positive attracts positive

If we think of others, inevitably one day, they will think of us. Philippe Gabilliet explains that being an opportunity for others creates reciprocal loops, which will return at some point in the form of a small burst of luck. Dare to ask for a helping hand, which may turn into a stroke of luck. Tell your friends that you are looking for a flea market item: who knows if one of them will not spot one on their next trip! This also works very well if you are looking for accommodation: this is how the best opportunities often arise.

And my charms then?

No need to throw away your four-leaf clover or your favorite jewel. In the past, customs and traditions attracting luck or warding off bad luck were an integral part of the customs and cultures of many civilizations. Today, these totems are most often seen as superstition objects. Despite everything, all ultimately play the same role: they come soothe our anxieties, connecting us to “something” that would control this destiny otherwise fatally subject to chance. If you believe in the effectiveness of your lucky charm (only one, chosen with care, and respected as such), it will bring you good luck since it puts you in a positive condition… conducive to luck!

To read to go further: “Luck, what talent!” Caroline de Surany, €14.95, ed. Larousse (March 2021).

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8 tips to have more luck on a daily basis

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