75% of homosexual men are as much “active as passive” according to an IFOP study

SEXUALITY – “And you, are you playing the man or the woman?” This question, the men attracted to other men are tired of hearing it. And not only because it conveys sexist and homophobic clichés, which would like a sexuality to adapt to the norms of a gendered society; but also and above all because it does not reflect any reality. A feeling that is validated by this new FIFG study for the magazine Boy, who interviewed 848 men attracted to men about their sex. Verdict: 75% of them are versatile, and do not consider themselves “active” or “passive”.

The respondents are men homosexuals, bisexual or simple heterosexuals expressing an attraction towards the same sex. And their answers shatter preconceived ideas. Although erotic relationships sometimes remain codified (the “passive” being socially recognized more as “feminine” and the active as “dominant”, that is to say more “male”), the norm that the study highlights is that of a great versatility.

And this in several cases. Whether in all of their relationships since the start of their sex life, for which the men questioned answered to 75% adopt one or the other of the roles, while 13% declared themselves only active and 13% only passive. Or in their current sex life: they are 65% to alternate, against 16% to prefer to remain active, and 19% to adopt the role of passive each time.

Distinctions that sometimes persist at home and at work

And socially, how do these reports translate? There, the clichés still sometimes die hard. People who say they are mostly passive are those who do the most household chores at home: 49% consider that they participate more regularly in household life, while among mostly active men, 44% admit that they leave this work to their own. joint.

The differences do not end there, since the study goes further, by analyzing the social category of these men according to their sexual preferences. Thus, the active are particularly represented in the professions with responsibility: 51% of them are company directors, against 38% among the liabilities. They occupy positions in the intermediate professions (40%) or managerial (34%), while those declaring themselves mainly passive are found mainly in the bracket of employees (41%) or manual workers (35%).

The pay gap is also commensurate with these disparities: 41% of men taking an active role in a sexual relationship earn more than 3000 euros per month. They are only 27% among passive men, whose income is rather around 2000 euros. In addition, 48% of them do not have a diploma.

For François Kraus of IFOP, this unique study clearly shows that it is increasingly complicated to want to associate homosexual sexuality with heterosexual sexuality. “This study proves that between the two active / passive gendered poles are now located intermediate situations which qualify the ‘penetrating / penetrated’, ‘dominant / dominated’ divide which persists in the social and cultural representations associated with gay sexuality”.

A conclusion that works for the hierarchy in the relationship, but which equality in the face of household chores always seems to come up against.

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75% of homosexual men are as much “active as passive” according to an IFOP study

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