7 Basic Guidelines to Enjoy Anal Sex

What do you know about anal sex? Have you ever tried it? Are you curious and “scared” at the same time? It’s funny how in our tuppersex meetings, when we come to this topic, there are always four very different reactions:

  • Those who have not tried it and find it a horror.
  • Those who have not tried it, although they are curious to experiment.
  • Those who have tried it and the result was a fiasco.
  • Those who have already tried it and discovered a new way to enjoy their sexuality.

Whatever your case, if you are reading this, it is because you want to learn something else about anal sex, a subject as prejudiced as it is pleasant (if it is practiced well).

If you have already had some experience and it has not been what you expected or you want to start in this world alone or with your partner, We give some tips so that you can enjoy without pain or shocks. And, the anus has a large number of nerve endings that can be a wonderful source of pleasure or pain if not practiced well.

In addition to the fact that in the case of men, prostate stimulation comes into play … A whole world to delight in regardless of your sexual orientation! So, if you allow me some advice: relax, eliminate prejudices and… go ahead and discover your body in its fullness!

What is clear is that to fully enjoy this sexual practice, there are some guidelines related to safety and hygiene that we strongly recommend that you take into account. Here we go!:

1. Communication

Have you already tried it? How was the experience? Has your partner tried it before? Did you like it? Would you like to practice it with you? If you want to try anal sex with your partner, addressing the subject first in a natural and calm way, without pressure, will be a good start. Thus, you will be able to know if you also want to try and share your experiences.

Free, respectful and open communication is the foundation of any good relationship.

2. Hygiene in anal sex

To enjoy a healthy sexuality without risks to your health and that of your partner, it is very important that you take hygiene guidelines very seriously.

If hygiene is always important in everything related to sex, in anal sex, even more so.

Keep in mind that we can find fecal remains, with some type of bacteria, that is why the condom use. Apart from that, we always tell you that before starting it is super important that your genitals and buttocks are impeccable.

Take the opportunity to give yourself that joint shower that you have had in mind for a long time, this option can be a great preliminary! Y no cavities to be combinedSince the anus has a number of bacteria that the vagina does not have and that could cause complications. If you use sex toys, do not forget to wash them with a mild soap or, ideally, with a specific cleaner for anal toys.

Condoms and lubricants

In addition, to prevent the spread of STDs or STIs, use a condom in this sexual practice. To enjoy worry-free anal sex, remember to use a good water-based lubricant if it is with sex toys and / or condoms. If it is skin to skin, it can be a silicone-based lubricant, they usually slide more and last longer, but we always recommend anal sex with a condom, so find a silicone-based lubricant that is compatible with latex, not all lubricants silicone-based they are.

If you are concerned about unexpected leaks, you can use an enema to perform an enema, and have healthy, full and hygienic sex. Taking into account that to complete it, a few hours in advance are necessary and this is something that must be done sporadically, if it is done with certain frequency there may be intestinal alterations.

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7 Basic Guidelines to Enjoy Anal Sex

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