6 Books to connect with the sacred feminine

There are many ways to connect with your sacred feminine: dance, meditate, practice loving self-touch, sing, paint, participate in shaktis circles … and why not read.

Reading transports us and awakens our imagination, brings us closer to the most intimate thoughts we can have. In this post we want to share with you the list of the 6 best books to connect with your sacred feminine, recommended by the participants of the private Facebook group Escuela de Shaktis. In these readings you will find many practical exercises and meditations to go to your center and enhance self-love, sexual energy and your spiritual subconscious.

Let us begin!

This book is an ally for women of any age. Regardless of your sexual tastes, you will find multiple exercises that help us develop very powerful techniques to enhance sexual pleasure and our orgasms through ovarian breathing and the concentration of chi in the ovaries.

Find the book Cultivating female sexual energy in the private Facebook group Escuela de Shaktis.

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If you want to know the most important creative organ of your body in a fun and open way, this is your book. A casual text supported by great artistic illustrations that will help you better understand the details that make up your genitalia and everything that interests us about them: the famous and misunderstood clitoris, the period and its cycles, how contraceptives affect us, the complex world of hormones, etc.

Finds The Vagina Book, everything you need to know in the private Facebook group Escuela de Shaktis.

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There are many myths in relation to sex and spiritual awakening in intimate relationships that take us away from reality and prevent us from learning to control the energy potential that we have. This book teaches you to handle your power in a close and enjoyable way, based on the potential of imagination and creativity in sex. Also noteworthy are the beautiful drawings with which they show his teachings.

Find the Kamasutra for women at Skatis School.

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This book closes the Multiorgasmic Woman Trilogy. A text aimed exclusively at women to help us discover the immense potential for pleasure that is often denied us due to lack of information, taboos, or simply because we live in a culture that has for centuries subordinated our joy to that of man. In this wonderful reading we will have exercises focused on developing multiple orgasms, but it will also help those women who find it difficult to feel at least one.

The multi-orgasmic woman, find it in the Private Group of Facebook School of Shaktis.

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One of the most demanding and irreverent literary proposals for a world that, in general and since its inception, tries to civilize the wild woman, the one that connects without limits with its nature and the earth, the one that develops its animal instinct, its sexual creativity.

Through multiple stories, this book proposes a new way of understanding the complex universe of femininity and the indomesticable force that every woman possesses within.

“A celebration of the female soul.”
The Washington Post

Women Who Run with Wolves has been shared in the Facebook group Escuela de Shaktis.

6. Full of life. Ovarian breathing, female alchemy

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A book that shows you through knowledge, experiences and practical exercises a way to return to our origin and recognize ourselves as women. We recommend you read Full of life and join this journey, where Sajeeva shows us from a holistic point of view, a broad vision of how simple it is to be a woman if we recover the path of love, care and patient self-listening.

Have you already read any of them? What is your favorite? Do you recommend any other? Leave it in the comments, so we can expand the list of books.

We wait for you in the Private Facebook Group School of Shaktis, a community of women for female sexual empowerment.

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6 Books to connect with the sacred feminine

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