5 Tips that will help you if you have a poor sexual appetite

Go through certain times with poor sex drive in which your libido is reduced is totally normal. Sexual desire varies dramatically in some people. And the fact that we suffer sexual disinterest at some point is not worrisome as such. However, if we want to increase our libido there are some methods that can help us.

Several factors are interconnected with it. Hormonal changes, a personal losing streak, job anxiety or a high expectation in sexual relations have direct consequences on our brain and this in turn on our body.

In this article we are going to give you some applicable tips that you can put into practice as soon as you want. Stay reading

1.Poor sex drive and rest

Sleep is one of the essential bases for optimal functioning. The same thing happens with sexual health.

Sleeping properly is more than important for libido. When we rest well our body secretes all its hormones in a scrupulous way. More specifically, our hormone production is at its peak in the REM phase.

Some studies reveal that people who slept less than 7.5 hours a day, increasing one hour of sleep saw their sexual desire increase the next day.

Different sleep disorders such as insomnia or apnea occur more and more in men of different ages. Therefore, in a few years ago, the cases of poor sex drive, erectile dysfunction, or psychological impotence.

Small acts like not viewing screens half an hour before bed, having dinner early, and avoiding exercising late will help you with your sleep hygiene. Experts stipulate 7.5 hours of daily sleep as recommended.

2.Improve the quality of your relationship

The truth is that many people experience a decrease in sexual appetite at certain points in the relationship. Normally, this happens when the couple is consolidated and a long period of time has passed.

In those moments it is essential to stop and think about what you really want. Improving communication and partner habits can increase your libido in an unexpected way.

Some examples that can help you are:

Plan a romantic night: everything can start with the preparations. Go shopping together, plan a romantic menu and cook it side by side. Talk about your feelings and emotions and enjoy a glass of wine. (That yes in moderation)

Do an activity together: this is an excellent formula. Finding a hobby or entertainment in common with that person is ideal. They do not have to be big tasks, it could be a few morning walks or a while on a bicycle that are enough to promote conjugal complicity. You will see how sexual chemistry with your partner increases and with it your emotional well-being.

3.Preliminaries of low sexual appetite

Having fuller sexual experiences can help us increase our sexual appetite. The preliminaries create a perfect environment and arousal climate for it.

On the contrary, when we go directly to penetration without having kissed, caressed or stimulated enough, the quality of our relationships decreases considerably.

Creating a relaxed atmosphere before sex, lighting candles, and thoroughly grooming are a first step on the road. Pauses, oral sex, caresses, words, and whatever else is preliminary will help you with a lack of sexual appetite.

4.The relationship between diet and poor sexual appetite

Food is one of the key pieces to take into account. All of the above tips can go under if we do not eat in a balanced way.

The question is simpler than we think. If we eat highly processed food, with many additives and rich in fats of doubtful quality, it is likely that we suffer from different diseases with a direct comorbidity with reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and other male sexual health problems.

When you wake up, avoid cookies and sugary cereals. Add to your breakfast breads made with whole wheat flour, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats of vegetable origin such as avocado or our extra virgin olive oil and proteins of high biological value such as canned mackerel, or similar. Choose balanced and simple dinners. Some hummus with some tomato slices and a slice of whole wheat bread is a great idea.

5 see a specialist

There are times when our decreased libido or poor sex drive They are motivated by reasons in which our knowledge on the subject is limited.

Because of this, it can save you a lot of time going to the hands of an expert at a sexual health clinic. Once there, everything will be streamlined, since they will be able to address all your setbacks from an experienced and prepared point of view.

Do you think you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction? Make the 100% online and free test that you have available below and discover what happens to you in just two minutes.

Until the next article!

Article validated by Juan Manuel Martinez Preciado, Surgeon with a Master’s degree in Clinical Sexology, member of the Boston Medical Group international medical management group.

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5 Tips that will help you if you have a poor sexual appetite

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