5 misconceptions about masturbation

Masturbation is an access to 7th heaven but it has long been criticized and accused of many evils. Today, it is advocated by the majority of sexologists and practiced more freely. This does not prevent certain received ideas from sticking to him …

Only Frustrated Singles Masturbate

Faux. Ah the cliché of the bachelor who can not find a man and must give pleasure alone has good back! You can be single, perfectly happy in your life and get off by caressing yourself. Whether it is with his hands or with a sextoy, by appealing to his fantasies, his sexual memories or by watching a porn movie, masturbation offers an ultra easy access to 7th heaven that we would be wrong to deprive ourselves. The endorphins secreted at the time of orgasm are soothing, they de-stress and many people say they sleep better after a little (or great) pleasure.

If we masturbate when we are in a relationship, it is because we are missing

Faux. Attention huge shot in sight … Caressing while you are in a relationship does not translate a lack. They are different and complementary pleasures. It’s like being asked to choose between a chocolate cake and a nun, when you like both! Solitary caresses are a pleasure that we offer ourselves because we want it “there right away”, that we are stressed or on the contrary because we feel good and in a naughty mood. . In addition, when we have lived together for a long time, the libido has its ups and downs in a natural way and masturbation will make it possible to better live the lows of the other, quite simply because it will limit their sexual frustration and decrease their feelings. expectations.

Some partners, if they find out about it, experience it as a betrayal, are disappointed and upset. But each one is autonomous in his desire and his pleasure, it is a parameter to be accepted for a fulfilling life as a couple …

Obviously, if the couple’s sex life is not satisfactory and masturbation is there to fill a lasting lack, it is strongly recommended to talk about it together, or even to consult a sex therapist.

It’s bad for health

Faux. For a long time, masturbation was accused of all the evils: it made deaf, it deformed the penis, it made sterile or it gave acne. Great news, none of the above statements are true … Masturbation is a great way to indulge yourself, easily and without guilt.

The only time it is pathological is when it becomes compulsive. It then responds to discomfort or excessive anxiety and is characterized by a loss of control (the person cannot help but masturbate). It then has an impact on social, professional and / or personal life and it is a source of great suffering. A specialist consultation in an addiction service is then necessary to treat and break the vicious circle of sexual addiction.

You absolutely have to masturbate to be sexually fulfilling

Not necessarily. We must recognize that by caressing, we learn how our body works and by what means to achieve orgasm. Most often, it is by stimulating the clitoris that we climb the curtains. Stimulation of the G point (which corresponds to the internal parts of the clitoris) or the back of the vagina are also particularly sensitive points for some, whether they are stimulated with the fingers or a sextoy. Women can then reproduce these stimuli during sex or show their partner how they enjoy.

However, some women have a very happy sex life when they do not caress each other: they learn with their lovers, who know how to make them come.

It promotes premature ejaculation

It depends. If the man always caresses himself very quickly, for fear of being surprised (by his wife for example), he can get used to accessing pleasure very quickly and reproduce this pattern even during penetration. On the other hand, if he takes his whole man, masturbation allows him to get to know and control himself better, by pushing back the threshold of ejaculation …

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5 misconceptions about masturbation

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