5 challenges to connect with other women

Do you resonate with any of that?

  • I long for the presence of other conscious women by my side
  • I would like to know myself more and leave the fear to lead and shine
  • I want to collaborate to create a better society
  • I want to heal the relationship with my feminine
  • I would like to facilitate healing and growth spaces for other women, but I don’t know how
  • I need to find an additional mission or purpose in my life
  • I want to explore my feminine together with other women in the world
  • I want to feel supported, respected and listened to and give the same to others

If you resonate with some of the previous phrases, it means that you are already feeling in your heart a call to encourage change in society.

In this post I will tell you how to do it.

My name is Diana Núñez, for many years I have directed spaces for women and I have sought to facilitate the union between us. Together with my sister Laura, we lead a global community of female sexual empowerment and we have heard thousands of women express what challenges, hurts, bothers or makes it impossible to connect with other women in a healthy way.

I want in this POST, briefly tell you What does not work when you interact with other women and after that, give you some solutions or encourage you to change that reality.

Before I will tell you what challenges our connection with other women.

  1. Broadly speaking, centuries of censorship
  2. Our mind maps for family stories
  3. Insecurity for being a woman
  4. Lack of personal responsibility and wait
  5. Always do the same, expecting different results.


  • Heal the past
  • Create spaces to inspire
  • Join inspiring women

Let’s go one by one:

  • Broadly speaking, centuries of censorship

Centuries of union between us. Societies led by women, times of spiritual awakening where we connect with our creative power of the uterus and due to the context of the time we were persecuted and accused as sorceresses, have caused a time of separation after that.

The women, kept at home, devoted themselves to parenting, forgot that they could feel pleasure, lost power and decision-making capacity.

Then we left the private space, and the liberation in three waves of the awakening of women came.

  • The fight for civil rights
  • The fight for political rights
  • The fight for social rights

By breaking patterns and beliefs, we cultivate empowerment. However, today and after so many centuries of castration, we find deeply rooted beliefs about what it means to be a woman, how we should behave, whether to be a feminist or not, etc …

More than seeking to integrate into isms, We seek from Sexurer a call to love and union.

REMEMBER how it feels to come together is our mission.

May each woman cultivate in herself and in her sisters, the message of the heart that is equality and respect.

Knowing the history, and cultivating in the memory an awakening in the now.

  1. Our mind maps for family stories

Do you remember your mother, how was her relationship with being a woman? and how did your grandmother feel in her feminine energy? If you look at your family tree and the women in your family, you will see a multitude of stories.

Many women today are unaware of their roots.

When this happens, you are called to repeat history. We should all know and honor our ancestors.

We are called to be a revolution, so that the new generations do not replicate submission, the lack of limits, the ignorance of the body and personal power.

Many women do not trust others, because they still have the wound of the girl who does not trust her mother or because some woman in her life indirectly or directly hurt her.

I remember a girl who told me: “All women are whores.” In the end, his statement was anchored in the story of remembering that his father left home, because he found a mistress.

If you inquire into your relationship with the women in your life, you will be able to seek authenticity when relating to those of now, so that you do not load stories of memories or memories, and you relate from scratch, like a blank canva.

  1. Insecurity for being a woman

I give you an image: I dictated a women’s workshop and asked a group of them to dress as they liked with fabrics that could move in the air and show their brightness and splendor to other women who would be under observation.

Many were frozen, others instead exhibited their attributes, others began to cry. So many reactions in the same practice.

You will say: “If it was only about letting you see, shining”


A great collective fear to shine, be sensual, enjoy our body and let ourselves be seen by other women as we are is present.

women's circles

You know, when we open up to others, we open up to ourselves.

I remember Mariela who told me after this practice: at 55 years old, I had never allowed myself to be seen by other women, vulnerable and beautiful, I feel like I dropped a weight on my back.

The strongest criticisms come between us.

One day I published a photo of me, scantily clad and sensual, I received an avalanche of beautiful phrases from other girls and another from criticism: “Diana, you are objectifying yourself” “You sponsor the patriarchy” and so on.

We all have the right to express ourselves, the important thing is that these messages come from love and do not encourage moral stabbing or wrong ideas of believing that it is right and wrong.

Activate in us the woman who observes with an open heart. It frees us.

  1. Lack of personal responsibility and wait

They often tell me: “I can’t find inspiring women on my way” “I have toxic friends” “My friends encourage me to drink alcohol and so on.”

Come on, we are adults.

You know that everything that happens in your life is a result of your internal world and that you cause what happens in your life.

If your case is that you do not find inspiring women or spaces to share in depth.

Well create them. It happened to me, I was only 13 years old in the town where I was born, Barrancabermeja, I WERE BORING the days, they were flat and overwhelming.

Therefore, I decided to be part of the change at that age I decided to create a club called “No excuses.”

We would get together to play games, talk about old age issues, and nurture each other.

It was incredible. Being just a pre-adolescent I managed to be an agent of change and thus not overwhelm myself in the long and unproductive afternoons in my hometown.

I made them magic!

And you? Are you creating changes to attract inspiring women? You are inspired?

  1. Always do the same, expecting different results.

I tell you a close and inspiring story. My sister Laura Núñez, I melt with love for her, she worked for many years as an engineer, there came a time in her life when she got bored, she had no purpose.

But one day, she stopped doing the same thing that was living her life as an engineer.

He entered Sexurero, began assisting, then administering, then directing, then teaching, and so on.

He used to have the same friends, now in his awakening he has met inspiring women, and teaches workshops and virtual courses that fill his heart.

If it hadn’t been for those years of bottoming out, without purpose, she wouldn’t have surfaced to allow herself to be shared with others.

He stopped doing the same and got new results.

Perhaps your case is not so extreme. I’m not encouraging you to quit your job or send everything to hell.

Although, if something does not fill you, you feel that you lack purpose, you know that you can do something different.

change your habits

From changing the time you wake up and starting to do some Yoga, which you never do. Until you finally carry out that project that you have anchored in your body.

If you have read this far. Congratulations!! I’m going to give you some solutions and an invitation

Well, these have been just one of the reasons that make women not connect with their purpose or with other women in their life and fully enjoy BEING A WOMAN.

Now, I want to give you some options and invite you to download our Ebook.

Basic guide to make your own women’s circle

Talk to your mother, grandmother, and the women in your life. Know if possible their stories, and relationships with the fact of being a woman, menstruating, the relationship with sexuality, and the purpose of life.

woman, mother grandmother Found in Mamicha.maternity[/caption]

Believe me, researching will give you lights.

If you want to heal your past, start by knowing it. Now, to integrate new behaviors into you, free of the patterns that you repeat, there are many ways that I cannot answer you in a POST.

I have opted for tantra, bioneuroemotion, family constellations, and traveling around the world to get to know myself.

And what will you do?

  • Create spaces to inspire

I told you earlier, how exciting it could be to take personal responsibility and approach appropriate environments and inspiring women.

If you don’t know how to do it. We tell you that hundreds of women in the world have made shaktis circles, without prior knowledge thanks to the super manual that we will share with you. Reading it will take less than 5 minutes.

  • Join inspiring women

Where are those amazing women? There is a phrase that I love that says: “What you are looking for … It is what is looking”

It means: What you are looking for is who you are looking for.

That inspiring woman is you, and we want others to join you. By resonance, sisters of your frequency will begin to appear in your path.

You know we have a global community of female empowerment in Facebook, called School of Shaktis, and that we usually give out shaktis circles for free to the community.

Stay tuned. There you will find sisters like you and a group of incredible facilitators, who have been trained with us,

Hopefully you will be encouraged to be the next facilitator to continue awakening love between women.

In broad strokes I have told you about some challenges. I ask you to leave your comments on this article as well as share it with your friends.

It will be your way of contributing.


Now I invite you to read the next article with all the solutions and to take action to use your feminine energy to your advantage to inspire other women around the world as you transform yourself.

We want to say thanks to the author of this write-up for this incredible material

5 challenges to connect with other women

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