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Low sexual desire is the female sexual dysfunction for which most women come to my office along with the lack of pleasure. For that reason I have created #satisfiedchallengue , this week’s video with which you are going to learn a lot and a free workshop for next week… Let’s go step by step!

First of all, I invite you to me free masterclass «How to feel 100% satisfied with my intimate life» this Monday the 20th at 7:30 p.m. You can go live to ask me any questions you have or, if you cannot be present, I will send you the recording the next day. Sign up now here: How to feel 100% satisfied with my sexual life (sexperimentando.es)

Now, we are going to know 5 very common reasons why, in my experience, so many women suffer from low sexual desire. Of course, there are many more, but here I bring you the most frequent ones:

  1. Bad sex education. Many times as therapists we say that women have a castrating sexual education, based on limitations and fear. Without freedom, with erroneous beliefs and so many taboos, it is logical to enjoy and wish little.
  2. Generally we are not responsible for our pleasure, we delegate it to our partner and, since the other is not a fortune teller … it will be difficult for us to obtain what we want.
  3. In other areas not so much, but in sex we tend to ignore our creativity. It is more difficult for women to propose and we get used to doing the same thing in the same way, so that we end up getting bored. Boring does not repeat itself, it’s that simple.
  4. In the same way, what usually happens is that we do not communicate what we like, we do not ask, we do not dare to say no, we do not negotiate … We lack communication skills and that is why here is a video on how to learn about sexual assertiveness.
  5. Finally, the damn stress that leaves us without time or energy. I leave you here a video about how stress affects our intimate life.

Surely you can think of many more reasons. We will talk about them in the masterclass And, of course, we will work them to the maximum in #satisfechachallengue, my High Effectiveness Program for female Desire and Pleasure. In fact, The registration period is now open, so you can now reserve your place here!

Now yes, here you have the video of this week. I hope it helps you a lot and that you share it with your friends. It is good for all of us!

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5 causes of Low Female SEXUAL DESIRE and its solution – Sexperimentando

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