4 streamers and their macho messages: from “to scrub” to flirting with “high girls”

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Streamers like Abby or Good Game have been denouncing the machismo they suffer on platforms like Twitch for some time. But they are not the only ones: more and more people, mostly anonymous, are reprimanding famous twitchers like ElXocas for their toxic messages that promote extremely sexist behavior towards women.

Already in December 2020, the investigation youtuber misogyny; gain audience with sexist humor, published by Ediciones Complutense, after analyzing the accounts of Germán Garmendia, the Rubius and Wismichu, warned of the sexist language they constantly used. Especially in the case of Rubius and Wismichu, the author concludes, “we see how they address female characters or girls and women with ‘do the washing up’, ‘ironing’, ‘can you suck me off?’, ‘whore’, they ridicule them , insult or treat them as sexual objects when they interact with them, as we have seen in the examples presented”.

In addition, Marina Pibernat-Vila, the author of the investigation, also observed “comments that downplay or ridicule violence against women, including sexual violence, and even blame them for suffering it.

As Pibernat-Vila states in his text, “machismo and misogynistic comments are a highly visible part of the content of these three famous youtubers, despite the fact that, as in the case of Garmendia, he makes certain mentions of the machismo suffered by women, which has not prevented him from expressing extremely macho opinions”.

Unfortunately, since the study was published, the situation has not improved. These are four examples of how some influencers are using their platform to perpetuate and validate macho behavior. They all have one thing in common: they talk about women as if they were objects.

1. The Xocas

In recent days, we have seen how the streamer known as ElXocas boasted about the macho behavior of one of his friends and he described him as “crack” for going out without drinking and having “a lot of fun taking high girls”.

His words that, as journalists and activists have denounced in networks and various media, make rape culture apology and they forget that, as several tweeters have recalled, “lack of consent is punishable.”

ElXocas concluded the description of his friend’s “flirting tactics” by saying: “So, for him it was very easy to flirt because, of course, for a girl who would generally see you as a 4, she sees you as a 7 because she is high; and you are serene and measure your words perfectly… Chupao! Instead of drooling and falling against your spine. Of course, he drank some little juices and that’s it, fucking shit. He went out to flirt with us and always left with a girl. “

2.Wall Street Wolverine

Tweets and statements like “Do you know what privilege I think men have over women? Hormonal stability”. In addition to her constant ridicule of the feminist movement or her explicit support of the extreme right-wing party, Vox, they have earned her the hatred of many on social networks.

Between comments on cryptoworldpolitics and economy, the youtuber Wall Street Wolverine uses his platform to praise prostitution or release pearls like “The ones from ‘We are not sexual objects’ are the same ones from ‘Tell me you don’t fuck, without telling me you don’t fuck'”.

3. Naim Darrechi

Last year, the tiktoker jokingly bragged in a live interview with youtuber Mostopapi that he doesn’t use a condom in his sexual relations, that he ejaculates inside and that he deceives his sexual partners, telling them that he is sterile.

The young man, who has gone to court for his statements – although he was acquitted – flaunted a completely normalized sexist attitude live: “I can’t, I have a hard time using a condom. I never use it. One day I thought, ‘Man, it’s weird that you haven’t gotten any girls pregnant for all these years,’ so I decided to start cumming inside.”

“Nothing has ever happened, so I’m beginning to think I have a problem,” he continued. The interviewer laughed at his response and asked if they didn’t tell him anything, to which Naim replied: “Yes, but I tell them to be Don’t worry, I’m sterile because I’ve had surgery so I can’t have children.

4.Dalas Review

“Gender violence is oversensitized”. “Women are complaining all day that they suffer and that they are oppressed and that they are only seen as an object, but they keep uploading nude photos and more nude photos to warm cocks.” YouTuber Dalas Review has spent years giving lessons on machismo in cyberspace, perpetuating misinformation about gender violence, speaking of false accusations and calling members of the feminist movement “feminazis”.

In addition, he acknowledged having had a vasectomy so that his girlfriend would not get pregnant and end up with a “shitty” body with a “super-swollen belly or gaining weight of any kind.”

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4 streamers and their macho messages: from “to scrub” to flirting with “high girls”