25% discount on the summer group program “The pleasure of menstruating” – @meduelelaregla Sexuality and menstrual cycle in Madrid

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you will have already read that Until June 26 you can sign up for El Placer de menstruar with a 25% discount with the code JUNE 26. With this workshop on sexuality, self-knowledge and the menstrual cycle you’ll learn to observe your cyclical body and psychology; the phases physiological and their archetypes. You will discover that you are not alone in this lack of menstrual information, that what you feel is normal and learn to go through your difficult emotions in tribe. You will understand the process of the menstrual cycle and put the information into practice through exercises Y tools… For the rest of your life. You will observe the world through the red glasses of cyclicality and feel the force that unites us all women. You will connect with your being more wild and you will place situations of your Biography menstrual. Tyou will also unlearn infinity of superstitions around the hormonal health of female bodies, because our beliefs are not always correct and the messages we receive from culture and society must be updated … Feminism is therapeutic!

The workshop is for you if …

The workshop is NOT for you if …

  • Menstruus
  • You feel like you no longer want to suffer with your menstruation
  • You are ready to take charge of your menstrual well-being
  • You have the need to learn how your body works and your menstrual cycle
  • You want practical tools to record the cycle
  • You want to know what influence your cycle and your hormones have on your psychology
  • Trans and non-binary people who are menstruating are VERY welcome, as well as lesbian and bisexual women. If you are heterosexual, you are signed up!
  • Whether or not you bleed with menstruation (for example because you use anovulatory pills or because you are in (peri) menopause or for other reasons
  • You will find out, if you did not already know, why the pain when expelling the period is not normal

  • How Your Ovarian Hormones Work When They Work Right

  • Things you always wanted to know about gynecology and pelvic floor

  • When to go for a consultation

  • How to manage menstrual cycles in your favor

  • Bases of the symptothermal method of contraception / fertility

  • You are not willing to spend a week a month (between self-study and live circles) exploring your emotions
  • You are looking for a medical diagnosis
  • Are you looking for a menstrual educator certificate or want to become a menstrual therapist
  • You want to “buy one more course” that you will not do later
  • You don’t have time to dedicate yourself
  • You want a quick fix
  • You are satisfied with your situation
  • You are looking for a magic pill that will take away your menstrual pain
  • You have a diagnosed chronic disease such as endometriosis and PCOS and are satisfied with your current treatment
  • You are a cisgender man

CONTENTS (see more on the product sheet)

The phases of your menstrual cycle, potentialities and distinctive capacities throughout life (youth, adulthood, climacteric and old age)

And always a focus on sexual diversity and desire orientation. This is your workshop to live in menstrual harmony !!

THE PLEASURE OF MENSTRUING It is an extensive and experiential course of 30 hours of dedication over 4 months of group itinerary with daily personalized follow-up. Remember that until June 26 you have a 25% discount on the workshop price with the discount coupon:

In this way, in addition to getting to know each other, we can consolidate what we have learned, review it, clarify doubts … as well as put experiences and experiences together. That is to say, We will reinforce what we have learned in the best possible way: together and in a safe circle to share, heal, change and grow.


VERY limited places (10) to guarantee attention to all during this trip for your menstrual cycle. I’ll wait for you!

(see more on the product sheet)

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25% discount on the summer group program “The pleasure of menstruating” – @meduelelaregla Sexuality and menstrual cycle in Madrid

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