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Are you starting your sex life or are you already an “expert” on the subject? In any case, this information will be useful to you, either because it represents an important notice or a great reminder for you. 🚩🚩

What We present a compilation of what expert voices in health, sexuality and feminism have concluded about the desires of women in the heterosexual sex. This guide will help you give them the same opportunity to have a good time as you. 🥰😈Ready to start talking to the skin?

Facts Men Should Know About Sex

Before a sexual encounter

15. Men, porn is not real

Fantasy, that alone is pornography. 😅 Neither women’s bodies nor men’s bodies are as seen in the pornographic industry, remember that porn is commercial, everything is designed to generate income. In real life there are impossible or uncomfortable postures. Don’t be guided by science fiction …

14. All vulvas are different

Continuing with the previous point, you must be very clear that vulvas are not always what pornography shows. Actually, They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. 🎨 There is no vulva with an adequate beauty standard, all, absolutely all are different in shape, color, size, appearance and structure.

Do not forget this: the vulva is normally darker than the rest of the skin on the body, as is the penis and scrotum in men, as well as the anus. “They are structures that, due to their location and under the influence of hormones during the development stage, acquire a pigment,” explained Dr. Jorge Alberto Lambis, a specialist in Urology, in a past interview.

13. Size matters less than you think

Don’t torment yourself by the length of your penis. 🍆 How big, small, thick or thin it is is not as momentous as you have been led to believe. And also get out of your head recurring thoughts about whether you will do well, if you will be able to “measure up” to that woman. You are not going to a competition, a sexual encounter awaits you where both must explode with pleasure and that’s it. To enjoy!

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12. Men, consent is the key to fun

Learn to take “no” for an answer. Without insisting, without wanting to persuade, a “no” is a “no”. Watch out! Verbal consent is really necessary, avoid making interpretations from what you think you infer from the situation, better ask. It’s more, the lack of a “no” does not mean a big YES.

11. Always use a condom. Forever.

You already know, “without balloons there is no party.” 🎈 And it is not only about avoiding unwanted pregnancies, but also that the condom is a contraceptive method that helps prevent contagion of the sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Be careful, even if she is using another contraceptive method, it is essential to use a condom. So, always carry condoms with you …

Oh, and something else. Do not remove the condom without her consent. “Stealthing“(” In stealth “) is the term used by some men to remove the condom during sex without their partner knowing it. ❌ This is a dangerous practice that can lead to sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies, among other things.

10. Speak up and create an honest environment

Take note because we are revealing a BIG trick: The more confident and confident a woman feels, the more she will enjoy sex. 😉

“Feeling safe and protected in the relationship is key for a woman to really relax during sex,” explains therapist Ian Kerner for WebMD.

How to do it? Encourage your partner to express himself, let him know that you acknowledge and validate his thoughts and words. That both are in a safe environment to express with their bodies, phrases or moans what they want.

During a sexual encounter

9. Enjoy the process

Casual sex or with a stable partner, in either case it is necessary that as a man you go the extra mile in the previous moment. The flirtation, the mischief, the pun, the smiles, the explorations in her body …

Pay attention to some of his most neglected areas, such as the neck, the inner thighs or the feet. Make her want you!

Foreplay is a must and shouldn’t even be considered a separate thing from sex, but as a whole. Do it every time and don’t do it half. All your patience and dedication will be rewarded!

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8. Don’t underestimate the power of kissing

¡A good, passionate kiss can make things work.! Go little by little with a brush of lips, you can even bite them a little and it will be electrifying for sure. 😙 Keep going until you reach his neck… In short, try and try to get the most out of your 💋 kisses, remember that practice makes perfect!

7. Make her feel wanted

Boost your ego! So she knows how attractive she looks, it doesn’t hurt to remind her. Tell him how much you like him, how good the clothes he has and the lingerie he is wearing or not wearing looks. Express in words your desire and wishes for her. Seduce her! He will love it.

Definitely, If you want a surefire way to drive her crazy and ensure better sex, go for it. Find a particular characteristic that attracts you to her and tell her that she is the best at it. 👌🏽

6. Ask what and how he likes

Instead of assuming that you know how to please a woman, better ask her and identify what gives her pleasure. To give you an idea of ​​where to navigate, 😏 keep in mind that the clitoris has multiple nerve endings (as we’ll see next).

5. There is much more than the vagina

Dare to know a little more about the female anatomy, so you will discover that there are many areas that you can stimulate and that the clitoris is responsible for most of the orgasms of women. Why? We already told you:

Imagine that the clitoral area has 8,000 nerve endings! 🤩 Only its tip, what peeks out, has twice as many nerve endings as the penis. In contrast, the vagina has almost no sensitivity. Therefore…

4. Men: penetration is not enough

For 80% of women, sex alone doesn’t work. Why not? Well, because most sexual positions do not directly stimulate the clitoris. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Therefore, you cannot forget that there are other potential erogenous zones in women and that these vary from person to person: try stimulating the breasts, neck, lips, touching their whole body, 🍑 etc.

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3. Toys are your friends

They are your allies, there is no reason to fear. A vibrator doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like your penis or whatever crazy thing goes through her mind. A woman uses a sex toy to discover new sensations, achieve more and better orgasms, to take care of the pelvic muscles, sleep better, lower stress levels, improve the relationship, among other reasons. It’s not against you, so don’t take it personally. 😌

2. Sex doesn’t end when you ejaculate

Please don’t forget about this: sexual relations are acts of generosity. See that she enjoys as much as youDon’t just try to have pleasure yourself and put it aside.

I hope your foreplay is so seductive that she reaches an orgasm first and so they can welcome the night. Fortunately, female genitalia are so versatile and great that they don’t need long recovery time to experience the peak of pleasure again. 💁🏻‍♀️

1. Tell your partner about your fantasies

We come to the end of this conversation by returning to the importance of communication and having an honest environment framed in respect.

How about you tell him what you want? It is possible that she is willing to try those new erotic elements that you saw or the idea that has been spinning in your head sounds to her. Maybe yes, maybe no, you could try when in the relationship they have enough confidence and be willing to experience something unusual.

In conclusion, the seduction of men is essential in all sexual encounters, as well as that you learn to identify what your partner likes. Whether orally, visually, or by touch, show how desirable she is to you. By last, Do you think we lacked something else that men should know? If so, we will read you in the comments below. 👇🏽

Oh, and remember that in Doctor Akí you can request an appointment with gynecology, urology or one couple therapy, if you wish. When it comes to your sexuality, we think of you. 💚

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