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Our sexuality is an important part of our life, and difficulties such as sexual dissatisfaction They prevent us from being able to fully enjoy it, as well as our relationships with the other person.

Believe it or not, sexual dissatisfaction is something that affects many more people than we know, so you are not alone. Also, it is not a condition that you cannot treat and this has a solution applying the right approach.

In this post we will talk about sexual dissatisfaction, what causes it and our best tips so that you can recover your sex life normally.

Causes: How to Treat Sexual Dissatisfaction in Relationship

What exactly causes sexual dissatisfaction? This is difficult to determine, each person is different and the situations that surround it also vary greatly. But nevertheless, almost 50% couples today say their sex life could improve much more.

The lack of desire in a relationship can cause cracks in the couple, even leading to other problems such as lack of trust or dissatisfaction with the couple in general.

What is this all about? Here are some reasons why you may be experiencing sexual dissatisfaction in your marriage or relationship. Why can you feel a lack of libido?

Lack of intimacy can cause lack of desire

Being intimate with the other person It is something that greatly affects sexual encounters. This is related to the trust we place in the other person, and it will make us feel comfortable or comfortable while we are having sex.

Intimacy is the complicity, the touch, the contact and the glances that little by little build a healthy atmosphere of trust between the two people to have full sexual encounters.

Intimacy may well disappear over time if the relationship is not taken care of properly or perhaps directly not being present at casual encounters between people who have not yet built strong ties.

The type of erotic encounter that takes place

How are these erotic encounters as a couple focused? Routine often pushes us to have sex out of obligation and these take place without us really feeling the need or wanting to do so.

Sexual dissatisfaction can also be caused by see the sexual encounter with a goal to follow, such as reaching orgasm or giving pleasure to the other person – leaving aside our own.

Lack of physical contact

Physical contact is key in a relationship. This helps us create much stronger emotional bonds and it is an easy way to show our feelings to the other person.

When this is scarce, so is complicity and insecurities may arise on the part of some part of the couple. Insecurities will create cracks in the relationship and make it difficult to feel pleasure during sexual encounters.

Lack of communication

Communicate with the other person appropriately It allows us to tell you what it is that gives us pleasure, what sexual practices we do not enjoy and also learn more about how to please them.

If this fails and both parties are not conveying how they feel during sexual intercourse, this could be a cause of sexual dissatisfaction, as you will not be fully enjoying the meeting.

Tips to treat sexual dissatisfaction and improve lack of desire

At Xarma, as experts in sex education, we can give you some guidelines to help you regain your libido and improve your sex life, either with your stable partner or in casual encounters. Here are some tips that can help you:

Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

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As we have said, communication is very important, not only in relationships, but also in sexual encounters. Don’t be afraid to express to the other person what things you like to do. and allow her to teach you how to please her. You will learn a lot about sexuality and it will allow you to enjoy your sexual relationships more.

Too talk about your sexual dissatisfaction assertively with your partner it can be a good start for the two of you to work together to find a solution. Regaining sexual desire doesn’t have to be just your job.

Approach sexual encounters differently

If you and your partner have relapsed into routine, it is easy for sex to be seen as a process to achieve an end: reaching orgasm. This places a great responsibility on the other couple and has a great psychological impact on us.

This situation is aggravated in casual relationships, where it is easier to approach sexual relationships in a totally depersonalized way.

The solution to both problems is to think of the sexual encounter not as a means to an end, but as a moment to enjoy, a path to travel and that this one already gives us pleasure by itself, without necessarily focusing on reaching orgasm.

Forget stereotypes, false expectations, and sex ed

In our society cEach time there is greater misinformation that we can find about sex education. As a result, we get false myths about sex, high or unrealistic expectations and stereotypes that condition our way of having sex.

In the field of sexuality, we must put aside expectations and those stereotypes and create our own opinion contrasted with quality information from truthful sources.

Go to sex therapy

If sexual dissatisfaction remains and you feel that these tips do not help you enough, perhaps it is because you have such deep obstacles that an Internet post will not be able to solve it.

At Xarma we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to tackling problems such as sexual dissatisfaction or problems in sexual intercourse. We want to help you get back to enjoying your sex life.

Get in touch with us without obligation.

Sexual Dissatisfaction: Causes, Tips, and Remedies

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▷ Sexual dissatisfaction: causes, tips and remedies │ Xarma

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