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After pregnancy, our body is subject to a lot of changes and challenges, both physically and emotionally. This can easily affect our sex lives, making it difficult to know how to regain libido after childbirth.

Although our sexual activity may be resentful, with the appropriate sex therapy and the appropriate indications, it is more than possible to regain sexual desire after pregnancy. This implies the collaboration of both people within the sentimental relationship.

In today’s article, from Xarma we provide you with tips and guidelines that will help you know how to regain your libido after childbirth, based on the experience of our professionals in sexual therapy.

Recovering sexual desire after pregnancy: how it affects your body

As we have started this article well, pregnancy, as well as the weeks after it, have a great influence on a woman’s body. According to the vice president of the Spanish Federation of Sexology Societies, Francisca molero, During the 6 weeks preceding childbirth, a large number of hormonal changes occur that negatively affect sexual desire and emotional state.

It is not surprising, therefore, that during this period it is difficult to find how to regain libido after childbirth. A decreased estrogens and testosterone (sex hormones) caused by the increase in prolactin (responsible for the production of breast milk) causes the loss of sexual appetite.

To this we must add the accumulated postpartum fatigue, newborn care plus the psychological consequences that pregnancy can have on many mothers – depression, anxiety, fatigue, nervousness, etc.. Regaining the pre-baby sex life seems almost unattainable.

However, if we are concerned about how to regain libido after delivery, we must bear in mind that not all couples are the same and that each one will have to undertake their own journey towards a new way of having sex.

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It can take anywhere from three to six months to regain libido, depending on the person and the situation they are in. We still want to remind you that if you can work on obtaining a full sex life and that you are going to achieve itYou just have to be patient with yourself and with your body.

Here are some tips that will help you warm up and gradually regain your sexual appetite.

How to regain postpartum sexual desire: communication is always important

As we recommend in many other articles on this blog, and as always we encourage our patients, Communication in the couple is important during all stages of the relationship.

Your partner can imagine what you’re going through, but they can’t read your mind or know what you need if you don’t tell them.. Tell him how you feel and what you are going through to work between the two to find how to regain libido after pregnancy and make you feel better. Now, more than ever, you are a team.

Find moments of intimacy for both of you

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With a baby, it is easy to put aside our needs, and it is even easier for the time together to be greatly reduced to the point of almost disappearing.

Find a moment to enjoy each other and regain intimacy It will be like a breath of fresh air during these months of confusion and stress that you may be going through. Being parents is beautiful and very fulfilling, however, do not put aside your own needs as a couple.

Even if it is 5 minutes a day, we recommend encouraging being alone and finding your own oasis. Can be a hug, a more intense kiss, a talk about how you feel, lie in bed before going to sleep and caress each other, etc.

Regain libido after childbirth: anything goes

Our perception of sexuality or sex education is biased, and We tend to think that only penetration is considered to have sexual intercourse. However, nothing else out of reality.

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It is time to explore yourselves, to find new ways to give you pleasure that do not only consist of intercourse. You can start with masturbation, oral or not, with caresses, massages, erotic games, etc. In this new stage, it is exciting to find new alternatives that perhaps you had not considered before, or even recover those that were long abandoned.

The lubricant becomes essential

Although it is always recommended the use of lubricant in sexual intercourseThis is not always the case in many couples. If you want to find out how to regain libido after pregnancy, lubricant is the ideal tool to do so.

There are even specific lubricants for postpartum that you can get at your pharmacy. These are very important, as vaginal dryness is a great reality after giving birth.

Perform exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor

After pregnancy, the pelvic floor is in a very vulnerable state, and this can affect your sexual relations, making them less pleasant. To work your pelvic floor you have a large number of alternatives, such as Kegel exercises or Pilates.

We recommend that you consult with your specialist about the best options for you and your body.

Go to sex therapy

From Xarma we are aware of how a pregnancy can affect relationships and how difficult it can be to find how to regain libido after childbirth. Sex therapy is essential to take care of ourselves both inside and out.

If you feel lost, or if you want to improve your well-being by putting yourself in the best hands, you can count on us to help you feel better and you can rediscover your sexual desire with techniques and advice adapted to you.

Postpartum Sex Drive: How to Get It Back

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▷ Postpartum sexual desire: How to recover it │ Xarma

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