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Due to the sexual freedom achieved in the 60s of the last century, it is increasingly common to see naked Spanish actresses on screen. This is due to the demands of the script of movies and series, although sometimes these scenes are unnecessary.

Sensuality is a way that actresses use to achieve fame, although some regret it over time. That’s why today I’m going to tell you about some nude spanish actresses in movies that have impacted everyone.

Best Spanish actresses who have stripped naked in movies

The actresses that you will see below are not only pretty faces that you can see in Spanish series and movies, they are very talented women. And they have not been afraid to put their clothes aside and shoot exciting erotic scenes throughout their careers, some of them iconic.

10. Esther Exposito

Ester has become a sensation with the erotic scenes of Elite. She plays the shy blonde who doesn’t seem to have broken a plate, but hides a sexual beast inside of her. She has also had her thing in I am alive, in the role of the blonde who sleeps with Iago. Here she doesn’t have as much prominence as Susana, who overshadows everything, but she has her morbidity.

9. Anna Castillo

The Susan of I am alive. Although, her sensuality goes a long way, since she did a nude session with Macarena García to promote The call. In addition, it is one of the figures that appears in Madrid burnsmaking very hot images for social media marketing.

He doesn’t get naked, but he hints a lot. She is a very sensual star, which you will appreciate seeing among the naked Spanish actresses in movies.

8. Maria Pedraza

The Elite series returns, in this María plays Marina, Guzmán’s sister. She has acted out countless sex scenes on television. First fucking with Pol Monem in Amar. After with Tokyo in The Money Heist. And she finally became Samuel’s girlfriend, while he cheated on her with her brother Nano.

7. Úrsula Corberó

Tokio, the one with the aforementioned lesbian scene, is Úrsula Corberó. She also played Ruth, Gorka’s girlfriend. She played the role of one of the teenagers with raging hormones from physics or chemistry.

She was pigeonholed into teenage characters, even in her thirties, until luckily she surprised us by switching roles with the vicious killer in the fall of paper. Rio’s girlfriend, kissing Jessica Parker (María Pedrada), etc.

6. Blanca Suarez

Another of the nude Spanish actresses in movies is Blanca Suárez. Her recognition came with the series The intership and Boat. In the latter as the girlfriend of Mario Casas. They worked together again Neon meat with scenes without clothes.

He has participated in important series such as the wire girls O What his eyes hid. and movies like The Skin I Live In O The bar. His work is very interesting and he also has sexual scenes on screen and photos in magazine reports.

5. Amaia Salamanca

Amaia is the blonde that we could see in SMS, Without boobs there is no paradise, Gran Hotel, Velvet, etc. As for movies are: Brain drain, Unresolved sexual tension, XP3D. It is without a doubt one of the most recognized faces in Spain. And working so hard means that, due to the demands of some other script, he has to undress. This is what happens in the series. in times of war.

4. Penelope Cruz

Penelope is one of the Spanish actresses with the highest cache at an international level, but not everything was easy for her. Early in her acting career, got naked in some of the best erotic Spanish movies, many times by the hand of Javier Bardem. Therefore, it can be stated that she is one of the most famous nude Spanish actresses in movies.

3. Elena Anaya

Elena Anaya began her career in the mid-1990s. Her first jobs were in independent films or in secondary roles in several Spanish films. His most important role at that time was in the explicit sexual drama lucia and sex in 2001.

For his performance in this film he won the Spanish national film award, the Goya. The following year, she acted in Talk to her. After this she moved to Hollywood and since then she has also worked in American films.

2. Veronica Sanchez

Verónica Sánchez must have a taste for sexual scenes, and she knows how to do them very well. She is so explicit in the sex scenes that you end up wishing you were her filming partner..

One of the actions that caused the greatest impact was the roller coaster, where you can see her sleeping with several. also not forget both sides of the bed where he is getting better and in many positions.

Other productions like The warm, South of Granadaor the series Without identity and the jetty they also show all their naked parts.

1. Elsa Pataky (on the cover)

A magazine asked Elsa Pataky how it feels to be the most desired Spanish, to which the actress replied:

¨… Although you know that there are many more things in you besides your physique, you can’t help but feel very flattered. ¨

One of Elsa Pataky’s most powerful erotic scenes is the one she performed in the production In Hollywood.

But the previous one is not the only one in which we can see her naked. In the film Beyond Re-Animator We see another morbid scene with Elsa having sex, naked, delivered to her lover and playing on the sheets.

Other erotic scenes that she has starred in can be found in Ninette, Mancora, Romasanta, Santos, Manual del amor 2 and Tatawo.

Now that you know the list, you can go directly to the video library to look for the movies of your favorite actress. You can also leave in the comments the name of any other Spanish interpreter that you think should be in this top.

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▷ Naked Spanish Actresses in Movies – Sexual Curiosity

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