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Are you having a bad sexual streak with your partner? Do you feel that there is no longer the same attraction as before? If you ever thought “my partner avoids me sexually” keep reading this article and discover the possible reasons and the keys that will help you to ignite the spark of your relationship.

Sexual health is also part of us and we have to take care of it just as we work on our physical and psychological health. From Xarma we want to help you identify what is wrong with your sex life and fix it. This will give you quality of life!

Reasons why your partner avoids you sexually

Next, we will delve into the possible Causes Your Partner Has No Sex Drive and What You Can Do in order to solve it.

My partner avoids me sexually because of fatigue and / or stress

If your partner is in a difficult moment professionally or personally, you may not have an appetite for sex. A crisis at work or a fight with a family member or friend may be enough reasons for your partner to be livid on the floor.

When a person experiences a time of high stress in their life, they usually tends to focus and center your thoughts on what worries you or should solve. He focuses all his energy on it and hardly sees any further.

As you can imagine, these circumstances destroy the vitality of the affected person and in his few moments of peace he will be tired, at least, mentally.

What can you do? Well, in these cases, we recommend that you have patience and be empathetic, it is probably a temporary phase that will be solved once the disturbing is solved.

In the event that this phase is taking too long or that your partner has an increasingly worrying behavior, our advice is to have a transcendent conversation in which you encourage him to go to a specialist to help him manage these problems.

My partner avoids me sexually because we have fallen into monotony

For a sexual life to be full, its updating and innovation is crucial. Over the years, your partner’s sexual desires and fantasies may have changed. This is something completely legal and natural.

If you still think “my partner avoids me sexually” try reviewing your sex life from your senior year. Has something changed? Have you talked openly about your respective fantasies?

Your partner may be frustrated about not enjoying sex like you did before. Our recommendation is that you talk about it at length, without any reservations. Nowadays, there are thousands of sex toys, postures and games that will help you regain the passion between the sheets.

If you are somewhat lost and do not know where to start, we recommend that you go to our sexological therapy. In which We will help you regain a quality sex life.

My partner avoids me sexually because we are emotionally estranged

If you think that lately you and your partner are not connecting physically or emotionally, you may the cause of his sexual lack of appetite is that emotional distance. If you are not going through a good time in your relationship and you feel that each time you are more distant, this is the reason why your sexual life does not flow either.

The body tends to somatize mixed feelings and emotional problems. In the same way that a young and loving couple cannot keep their hands off each other, on the contrary those who go through a crisis tend to materialize that distance physically.

In these cases, communication is the key. You must decide jointly if you want or not, resolve this crisis and continue with your relationship. In these cases, couples therapy can be an excellent option, since the psychologist will be a guide for you throughout this process.

My partner avoids me sexually because of low self-esteem

Do you know if your partner has any reason to feel insecure? If your partner feels unattractive, her sexual desire may have faded. It is not unusual.

For example, if your partner has gained weight in the last few months, he may not feel comfortable with his body and therefore, he is embarrassed that they see him that way. East You will project your own insecurity through body language.

First of all, I would recommend that you talk to your partner openly about what is it that creates insecurity. Let’s say that after Christmas you have put a lot of weight and do not feel attractive. Even if you insist that their body is perfect, your partner’s perception will not change.

You ask yourself what can you do? Then We recommend that you encourage her and be an active part of her confidence recovery. In this case, lose weight. Join her for a run, cook healthy recipes, take long walks … In this way, she will regain her self-esteem while you are part of the process.

My partner avoids me sexually because he is depressed

Keep in mind that Sexual side effects are common with antidepressant use Both men and women. These can range from changes in sexual desire to erection and orgasm problems.

These Effects may vary depending on the type, dose and length of time you have been taking the antidepressant. Sometimes, if you have been taking an antidepressant for a long time on a regular basis, the sexual side effects may go away. However, this does not have to be like this.

My partner avoids me sexually and we are going to go to sex therapy

In sex therapy you will be able to address the difficulties you are having so that, with the best professionals, find the best solution to your problem and you can live your sexuality in a pleasant way.


From CharmThrough our sex therapy, we want to offer you a space where you can solve and manage these sexual problems that are getting in your way. We encourage you to contact us with any questions. Take charge and have a quality sex life!

My partner avoids me sexually. Why?

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▷ My partner avoids and rejects sexual relations. Why? | Xarma

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