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The delayed ejaculation solution has become one of the main reasons why men go to sex therapy, and it is that the impossibility of completing this type of relationship usually becomes a problem not only of intimacy, but also of self-esteem.

In the same way that women could not talk about erotic topics, for centuries masculinity has become a toxic reality in the lives of men, leaving the burden of leadership on their shoulders. For all these reasons, their pride and dignity have always depended on success in the sexual sphere.

But in Charming We have come to break stereotypes! No more observing the problems or sexual disorders from afar as a taboo subject. Our team He puts himself in your hands to solve any doubt, and give you the solution to delayed ejaculation in the shortest possible time. Ahead!

What is delayed ejaculation?

Before trying to find out the causes, symptoms and solution to delayed ejaculation, it is important to know what it consists of and what its main characteristics are, in order not to confuse it with another sexual dysfunction, such as anorgasmia masculina or altered desire.

Delayed ejaculation, or impaired ejaculation, is the disorder that causes Difficulty for the man to reach climax or expel semen during sexual intercourse in which you are receiving stimulation. However, this does not mean that you do not feel pleasure.

Of course, do not get ahead of yourself! This may occur at a specific time in your life for specific reasons, and it does not mean that you need a remedy for delayed ejaculation or exercises; On the other hand, if it persists over time, it is probably necessary to take measures and go to a sexologist.

Different degrees of delayed ejaculation

Depending on the degree to which the problem is found (you manage to reach the climax, but after time; you don’t manage to reach it and you delay it, or you never do it), we will be talking about different types of ejaculation retarded.

  • primary ejaculation: We would be talking about the one that has been present in your relationships throughout your life, and that has been a problem when it comes to carrying them out normally.
  • secondary ejaculation: On the other hand, this would be the one that has appeared over time, without having had any other previous problem and after a totally normal sexual life.

The latter arises suddenly, and can be caused by the consumption of drugs or drugs.

Symptoms of delayed or late ejaculation

If you want to know what are the symptoms that prevent delayed ejaculation in a person, to identify them in the case of suffering from this disorder, here is a list of what you need to know:

  • Accounts with trouble climaxing during a sexual relationship.
  • This problem persists after more than half an hour of coitus, and has occurred periodically in last 6 months.
  • It is difficult for you to ejaculate through a normal stimulation of your sexual organ.
  • Delayed ejaculation causes a feeling of anguish and discomfort with yourself.
  • arise problems in the partner because of that.
  • Need to stop during intercourse by tiredness or fatigue.

It is important to keep all this in mind, since, many times, we confuse a momentary problem with a real disorder; Therefore, if you are not very clear, it is best to go to a specialized sexologist.

Causes and consequences of delayed ejaculation

Would you like to know the different causes and consequences of delayed ejaculation? From Xarma, we put at your disposal a complete guide so that you can find out a little more in depth about this male sexual disorder, which more and more people suffer.

When determining the solution to delayed ejaculation, professionals are responsible for collect as much data as possible on the patient, and establish a treatment according to their needs. Therefore, it is essential that you keep everything.

Causes of delayed ejaculation

What are the reasons why this type of sexual dysfunction can arise? Next, we show the main parameters that you should take into account if you are having problems of this style.

physical factors

Physical causes can be of many types; the mildest, such as urinary tract damage or in the nerves of the column, the aging, infections, surgeries or certain hormonal disorders, may be the reason.

However, we can also find other more serious physical factors, attending to different diseases such as multiple sclerosis o la diabetes.

Psychological factors

The psychological causes they are the main reason on which sexologists base themselves when establishing a solution to delayed ejaculation, and that is that our head can play tricks on us regarding the optimal development of sexual relations.

For example: mental diseases, stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor communication or problems with the couple, fear of privacy, having lived previous negative experiences, internal conflicts regarding the sexual orientation or identity, etc.


Medications or drugs

As an additional factor, the consumption of certain medications or drugs (either by medical prescription or personal consumption), is usually a recurrent cause of delayed ejaculation. Antidepressants, diuretics, antipsychotics or others could cause this disorder at a specific time.

Consequences of delayed ejaculation

On the other hand, there are a series of consequences of this disorder to take into account if we want to go to a professional who offers us a good solution to delayed ejaculation. Which ones are we talking about?

  • In the short term, we may have problems with the couple in the sexual realm.
  • In the medium-long term, breaking off.
  • inability to have children quickly.
  • psychological problems like anxiety or depression.
  • Exhaustion and pain sensation

Solution to delayed ejaculation: sexual therapy with Xarma

Have you entered this post to get a simple solution to delayed ejaculation? In that case, we must tell you that there is nothing easy in this type of remedy, since it will involve a long and hard process of introspection and analysis of the needs and problems of your own life.

As we always say, in the event that you have some type of sexual disorder, one of the best treatments is go to a specialized sexologist in your problem, and not look for miraculous solutions on the Internet.

For all this, thanks to the sexologists in Bilbao de Xarma, you will be able to access a personalized therapy and methodology according to your problems and needs, delving a little deeper into sexuality education, and learning to face your problems with a positive and change perspective.

Have any kind of doubt about our solution to delayed ejaculation? you can put yourself in contact our team of professionals, who will advise you in the best possible way. Dare yourself!

Delayed ejaculation: solution and causes

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