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Most people know Catherine from her wildly popular sexuality workshops as they tend to sell out quickly. Catherine has presented to diverse populations on a variety of sexuality topics that range from mild to wild. Catherine’s workshops never include nudity nor live demonstrations. 

A single 90 minute sexuality workshop will teach you how your pleasure anatomy works, why not all sex toys are good for your body, which sex toys are on the top of her list, and the top 3 secrets to having amazing sexual intimacy. 

Catherine's last public appearance was hosted by Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. 

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Sexuality Workshops

Catherine has been presenting workshops on sex and sexuality in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for over 10 years. She has taken hundreds of hours of formal sex educator training and has spent thousands of hours as a sexuality workshop facilitator. 

Her workshop style is highly engaging, interactive, educational, and fun. She strives to be as down to earth and relatable to the audience as possible.

Catherine has presented to diverse populations and communities including those who are HIV/AIDS positive, HIV positive & active drug users, HIV/AIDS providers, youth, parents, physicians, women's groups, university and college students, non profit providers, and the LGBTQIQ community. 

Her sexuality workshops not only provide extensive knowledge on how our bodies react to sexual stimulation. She also reveals her top recommendations for incorporating sex toys into your sexual activity, as well as the top 3 secrets to achieving a satisfying and rewarding sex life.

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So, What Are Your Most Popular Workshops?

Are You Flirting With Me?: How to Flirt with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (sm)

Did you know that 90% of a person's opinion of you is formed within the first 2 minutes of meeting? What kind of impression are you making?

This fun, interactive workshop will let you explore what makes you unique and memorable to others as well as teaching you the 5 most common types of flirting.

Come learn the tricks to being a sexy and confident flirt, how to send the messages you want others to get, ways to deal gracefully with rejection (hey, it happens to everyone), and leave the workshop with a newfound sense of empowerment.

This workshop is designed for everyone, whether you are single, taken, or somewhere in between.

Love Your Body Now by Finding Your Fabulousness (sm)

About 80% of American women and 45% of American men are dissatisfied with their appearance. No doubt about it, our society is obsessed with the ideal of perfection. Is it really surprising that we have body issues?

This thought provoking, interactive workshop will let participants explore the root of their own body issues, how it has affected them and prevented them from truly embracing their sexuality, and most importantly, how to combat the constant barrage of media attention focusing on perfection.

This workshop will also explore the reality of genital shame and how it can affect us from celebrating our sexual selves. 

This workshop teaches you how to think critically when it comes to main stream media, what you can do to boost your body image, and how to accentuate your best features. 

Self Image, Self Love, & Self Pleasure (sm)

Sexuality involves many aspects, and that includes your perceptions of yourself.  This class will discuss self image, self love (and learning to love yourself) and how all of that correlates to self pleasure and sexual satisfaction!  

Participants can expect to tackle the taboo subject of genital shame head on and will also learn about my top picks for incorporating sex toys into self pleasure.  

This workshop teaches you how to let go of your negative thoughts and assumptions surrounding your body and how masturbation can be a vital tool in embracing your sexuality. 

The Wondrous Female Orgasm (featuring the not so mythical clitoris) (sm)

The female orgasm...It is a deep, confusing, and often complex topic. This workshop will introduce participants to female pleasure physiology and anatomy, the different phases of the female response cycle, what types of orgasms women can achieve, and how you can become more comfortable pleasuring yourself.  We will also explore which specific sex toys can help make achieving orgasm a reality.

This workshop is designed for everyone regardless of your history with orgasms. 

This workshop teaches you the 3 main types of female orgasms, how and why females ejaculate, and how the clitoris is a glorious and complex piece of female pleasure physiology. 

Sex & Dis/ability

This workshop is primarily geared towards support groups, but is also popular amongst medical students and medical staff.  

This workshops identifies and explores the most common myths surrounding sex and disability, provides participants will my top choices for sex toys, and the 3 secrets to having a fulfilling sex life.    

The Art of Oral Sex (aka Fellatio, Fellatio, Fellatio!) (sm) 

**We practice on sterilized demo dildos or vegetables**

My most popular workshop--come find out why this workshop comes up #1 on google when you search the term "fellatio workshops".

This workshop covers male pleasure anatomy, tackles the biggest myths surrounding oral sex, and all those pesky hang-ups that keep us from truly enjoying the experience. Participants will also learn my top 3 tips and techniques for making your partner moan with pleasure.

This workshop is designed for everyone, is super fun, interactive (we practice on sterilized dildos or vegetables), and chock filled with tons of educational information. 

*Perfect for bachelorette parties*

The Physiology of Sexual Pleasure & Sex Toys (aka Oh Yeah! Right There!) (sm)

This is probably my single most popular workshop. The majority of us are unfamiliar, bewildered, and uncomfortable with our sexual anatomy. It is no wonder considering most of us don't even get that information from our own doctors.

This interactive workshop uses diagrams, puppets, and photos to help demystify the confusion surrounding both male and female pleasure anatomy. Topics covered include the sexual response cycle, orgasms, the g spot, the p spot, anal sex, and sex toys.

You will learn the top 3 secrets for achieving greater intimacy and sexual satisfaction. 

Where Have You Presented?

What Other Workshop Topics Do You Cover?

  • Never Come Between a Boy and His (Sex)Toys (sm)
  • I Hear It's Very Popular: A Gentle Introduction to Anal Pleasure
  • Couture Sex Toys?  Yes, Please!
  • Talk Dirty To Me
  • Sex Spoken Here: Q & A Free-For-All (sm)
  • Improving Your Sexual Communication
  • Not Another Boring STI Workshop
  • Not Another Boring HIV/STI Workshop
  • Beyond HIV 101
  • Opening the Door: How to Talk to Youth About Sex
  • Negotiating Safer Sex for People who are HIV Positive
  • Sex Club Etiquette
  • Fantasy and Fetishes


How Much Do Workshops Cost?

Catherine is not cheap, but she is able to work with most budgets.

Remember that all her workshops are custom tailored to meet the specific needs of the organizer. Fees depend on a variety of factors including the number of participants, how many supplies being brought, and distance of travel.   

If you book a private workshop with Catherine, you will be required to pay upfront one half of the total workshop fees at the time of booking. Your down payment ensures her availability for your event.

If you are a college or university and wish to book her for a sexuality workshop, please contact her with the specific dates you are requesting, the topic of the presentation, and information on your general budget.  

**Catherine will travel to your location, but she charges her speaker fee in addition to any reasonable transportation/hotel/rental car expenses.**

***Don't see the exact workshop you are looking for? Catherine would be delighted to custom design a workshop curriculum based on YOUR unique needs***

Upcoming Sexuality Workshop & Appearance Schedule

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