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Most People Want to Feel Sexy, Desired, and Fulfilled When it Comes to Intimate Relationships. Learn Valuable Tips From a Real Life   Sex Expert!

Amazing sex doesn't happen by accident. Sex coaching with Catherine will provide you with in depth education about how our pleasure anatomy responds to sexual stimulation. Healthy and pleasurable sexuality involves lots of communication--a skill most of us never learned. Coaching will give you the tools you need to experience a deeper sense of intimacy and connection with your partner.

My methods are strictly hands off. I also never observe clients during sexual activity. Catherine’s coaching never includes nudity nor live demonstrations.   

Please inquire to see if Catherine is accepting new clients at this time.

What People Are Saying

Sex Coaching

The Problem:

Finding accurate, unbiased sex information is essential for people to better understand their sexual selves and to move past their own fear, shame, anxiety, and bias.

The Solution:

Catherine Coaches (sm) offers confidential and individual coaching sessions that allow you to safely explore your sexuality.

It's no surprise that people who are able to connect with their sexual selves report having higher self esteem, as well as experiencing deeper intimacy and more fulfilling sexual interactions.

Catherine has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area sexuality community for over 10 years and is committed to providing reputable information that is neither too clinical nor over-sensationalized. She has a down to earth approach about sexuality and use lots of humor to help facilitate learning. 

What Sex Coaching Is:

  • A highly individualized process that allows you to safely explore your personal beliefs and judgments when it comes to the taboo topics of sex and sexuality
  • A confidential environment for people to enhance their sexual competency and confidence
  • Sex coaching enables individuals to connect with their most authentic sexual self
  • Sex coaching is a short term process determined by you and what specific/measurable goals you have in seeking sexual fulfillment
  • Sex coaching is not talk therapy. It is an empowerment process

What Sex Coaching Is NOT:

  • Sex coaching is not sexual surrogacy
  • Clients and coaches do NOT engage in any type of sexual activity
  • There is absolutely NO hands-on contact
  • Coach does not observe their client engaging in sexual activity
  • Sex Coaching is not sex therapy
  • Sex Coaching uses a present-centered model that is not the proper format to delve into how past sexual experiences or traumas are affecting your current sexual situation 
  • Catherine is a highly trained sexuality educator and is professionally affiliated with AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, & Therapists), but is not a licensed therapist

How  Sex Coaching Works:


New clients require an initial consultation session that usually lasts around 75 minutes. This time is used to take a comprehensive and confidential sexual history. 

Together, we will also formulate an action plan based on your unique situation which includes a rough estimate of how many sessions you might need in order to reach your personal goals. 

In general, most clients benefit from 3 to 6 coaching sessions, but every client is unique. 

Sex coaching topics can include the following:

  • How to connect with your sexual self
  • How to grant yourself permission to be sexual and have sexual thoughts
  • How pleasure physiology works
  • How to effectively communicate sexual desires 
  • How to build deeper intimacy
  • How to safely explore fantasies and fetishes
  • How to tackle your body image issues head on (including genital shame)
  • How to become orgasmic
  • How to safely use sex toys
  • Learn how to be comfortable with your sexuality and how to become a more confident lover
  • Learn about anal sex and health
  • Learn to improve your sexual skills

What Are My Responsibilities as a Client:

  • Arrive on time, turn your cell phone to vibrate, and do not take or make phone calls
  • Act appropriately and be respectful to your coach
  • Have measurable goals you would like to work towards achieving
  • Fully engage in the coaching process even if you feel it is challenging
  • Pay for our coaching session no later than 24 hours prior to our session
  • Complete any assigned exercises before our follow up session

How Much Does Sex Coaching Cost:

Please inquire for pricing and payment options.