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Catherine Toyooka & Catherine Coaches (sm) in the News

Catherine Toyooka is a Human Sexuality Specialist (sm) who offers media consultation on a variety of topics related to human sexuality.

Catherine's quick wit and easy accessibility make her a popular media consultant and she has been quoted in articles appearing in the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune,,,,, and more.  

Here's what to expect when working with Catherine:

  • Please email your detailed request along with the due date
  • Please make sure to include a live link to the Catherine Coaches website of blog
  • Please email when the content has gone live
  • Please expect that Catherine will announce the press shout out only after the original content has gone live and it will include a link back to the original story

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San Jose Examiner, Sex and Relationships Contributor

Catherine Toyooka is the founder of Catherine Coaches and is a blogger, sexuality speaker, educator, and a dating and sex coach working in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and beyond. To read her San Jose Examiner articles ... visit

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