A few of my

For as long as I can remember, I have always had exquisitely good taste. Maybe this is a product of me growing up on the North Shore of Chicago or maybe it is in my DNA.   

Fancy Restaurant

The Village Pub

The Village Pub is located in Woodside. It has an amazing and romantic ambiance, attentive staff, and the most delicious and chocolate soufflé I’ve ever tasted.

My Favorite Flowers

There are few things I love more then beautiful bouquets. Those who know me well are very aware of my floral quirks. I detest flower filler, carnations, baby’s breath, and the like. It’s tacky, boring, and hopelessly unsophisticated. I love sending amazing floral creations almost as much as they love receiving them. What’s my secret? I only use 1 source!

BBrooks Fine Flowers

BBrooks Fine Flowers is absolutely exquisite. My personal favorite is their seasonal low and lush creations. You can chose how much you want to spend by using the drop down feature, but arrangements begin at $60. Keep in mind that you need to allow for the tax and delivery. You can send someone an amazing arrangement for around $85. They only work with “the best of the best” floral stores around the country. No crappy filler here! Each bouquet is an original and is guaranteed to take their breath away.

My Favorite Anytime Gifts

Manhattan Fruitier

I love giving gifts! It makes me happy and makes the recipient feel special. One of my favorite online retailers for foodstuffs is Manhattan Fruitier. They have everything from the most delicious tasting organic and exotic fruit baskets to specialty chocolates (yum!), desserts, and kosher gifts. I’ve used Manhattan Fruitier for everything from friend’s birthday gifts to business “thank you” gifts for those colleagues who have been particularly helpful. Their prices typically begin around $40, and they ship nationwide.

My Favorite Way To Keep Myself Safe


I usually do everything I can to keep myself out of harms way. I am fairly loud, walk with confidence, and try to be aware of my surroundings. I have been carrying a form of pepper spray around with me for years. No one knows, mind you, because it is beautifully designed and kind of looks like a piece of jewelry. I’ve been known to give these away to my friends and co-workers in an effort to help keep them safe. Pepperface.com is an online retailer where you can purchase this remarkable safety gadget. Prices begin at $40, but you can also have it customized with authentic swarvoski crystals for an additional fee. I own several and recommend it highly to anyone as a gift for yourself and others.

My Favorite Adult Toy Destination

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is my absolute favorite San Francisco sex toy retailer destination. They have been providing a safe and fun environment where you can purchase sex toys for over 30 years. Every person who works at the store undergoes mandatory sex educator training to help assist you find the toy or toys of your dreams. They have an entire range of sex toys (some are exclusively made for them) and their toys range from must ($) to lust ($$$$).

My Favorite Luxe/Couture Sex Toy Retailers

Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer USA is, perhaps, one of my most favorite websites ever. Coco is originally based in the UK and later began offering it’s gorgeous products in the US. The site caters to those who will not compromise taste and aesthetics when it comes to the boudoir. If a website could be my “happy place”, this is it! This is the perfect place to treat yourself or your special lover(s) to an exclusive, beautiful, and tasteful gift. They sell intricate bras and panties, sex toys, lubricants (made just for them), and assorted boudoir accessories. If you decide to purchase a wonderful bra for your special someone, please remember to purchase the matching pantie too! Coco’s prices are higher then other websites, but everyone loves to treat themselves or others once in a while. Their prices range from must ($$) to lust ($$$$), but the majority of their products fall in the lust category. Go ahead and splurge on something luxurious, you deserve it!


Jimmyjane.com is a sex toy retailer who caters to the refined, independent, modern woman. Women in the know (and they have a huge cult following) recognize that Jimmyjane stands for quality, luxury, and exclusivity. They have expanded their product offerings considerably since the beginning, and now offer many products in the must ($$) categories. Their wonderful candles can be used in the boudoir and their beautiful and functional toys can be used for solo or partnered lovemaking. If you are looking to purchase just one toy, you can not go wrong with their little chroma ($$$). The majority of their products fall into the lust price category ($$$ - $$$$).

$ = $20 and under
$$= $50 - $100
$$$= $100 - $125
$$$$= $125 and over