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Ok, I  think I am ready to begin coaching, but how do I  Start?
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Great! Please schedule a time for us to speak on the phone. You can contact me by email me at, or complete the contact form.

It is helpful for me as your future coach to know why you are seeking my coaching assistance at this time. Check out this blog post for information on how to best work with a dating coach. 

Most clients require between 3 and 6 coaching sessions to achieve their desired goals, but we can discuss an approach unique to your situation and how best we can achieve your goals.

Before the initial meeting I will ask you to complete and return a confidential background history that we will go over during the first meeting. 

The initial meeting for my dating coach services is primarily used to assess your top coaching goals and how we might work together to get your dating needs met. I will make specific recommendations and then require that you follow them in order for you to meet your dating goals. Dating coach services can be quite rigorous and most clients are expected to commit to spending at least 5 hours a week (on their own time) if they wish to see significant change. 

Please understand that not everyone is coachable.

Also, please note that Catherine is strictly a hands-off sex coach. There is absolutely no touching of any kind. 


I only want to book you as a sexuality speaker, but what is the best way to get you scheduled?

The easiest and most expeditious way to book Catherine for any speaking engagement is to send her an email to with the following information: 

  • The approximate dates you are interested in hosting her
  • What group or goups will ahe be presenting to and what topic(s) you are interested in
  • What is your general budget for your event
 **Catherine will come to you, but she charges her speaker fee in addition to any reasonable transportation/lodging/rental car fees**


You are awesome. Do you offer mentoring or consulting services to people in the sex educator community?

Catherine does this on a very limited basis, and charges the same amount for mentoring/consulting services as her regular coaching rates. 

Do you have an office or can we do dating coaching and sex coaching on the phone or internet?

I believe that coaching sessions work best when done face to face. My general office hours are Monday through Friday between 10am and 5pm.

Catherine offers a reduced coaching rate for skype sessions, as her availability tends to be more flexible.   

Catherine also offer limited phone and email support for her clients, but requests that the conversations be brief in nature.

What if I can not make it to your office in Palo Alto? Do you travel for coaching sessions?

Catherine has coaching clients all over the world, and typically conducts coaching sessions via skype where  her name is "CatherineCoaches". 

What are my responsibilities as a dating coaching client?

It is important that clients be honest, open, and receptive to constructive recommendations.  You need to be on time for our appointments, pay for your coaching sessions prior to our sessions, and turn your cell phone off for the duration of the coaching session.   

Catherine's dating coaching style is very direct and to the point. She is the person who will tell you what your friends and family will not. In order for you to meet your desired dating coach goals, you will need to follow her specific recommendations. Dating coach clients should expect to spend about 5 hours a week (on their own time) if they wish to see significant change. 

Clients also need to be fully engaged in the coaching process which may include completing any assigned exercises before our next coaching session.

What are my responsibilities as a sex coaching client?

Catherine's model of sex coaching is strictly hands off. Coach and client never engage in any form of sexual activity. Catherine will never observe your sexual activity.

If you are coupled, expect that the initial session will be conducted on an individual basis. 

What are your coaching prices and how do I pay you?

Please inquire for pricing and payment options.