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Meet Catherine

As of April, 2016, Catherine Coaches is no longer accepting new clients.

As the founder of Catherine Coaches (sm), Catherine Toyooka is a Human Sexuality Specialist (sm) who is known for being a handful. She is equal parts professional and unruly. Because she has worked as a sexuality educator in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2002, Catherine works particularly well with those who identify as something other than heterosexual. In other words, Catherine is wildly popular with gay men. She has also been referred to as the “fairy godmother” of sex due to her enthusiasm, love of all things sparkly and surprise gift giving.  

Catherine Toyooka grew up the youngest daughter of a physician father and early HIV/AIDS advocate mother on the the North Shore of Chicago and proudly graduated from Scripps College, also known as "The Women's College" in Claremont, CA.

From 1993 to 1999, Catherine worked in the Criminal Justice field as a State of Colorado Public Defender Felony Investigator, Juvenile Detention Bootcamp Aftercare Caseworker, and Municipal Court Case Specialist.

From 2000 to 2001, Catherine worked in the field of HR before becoming an Executive Recruiter for the emerging technology sector at David Powell Inc. and Korn/Ferry International.

Catherine is of the belief that we are all born with the basic needs for intimacy and sex. Dating, sexuality, and love are all vital and fundamental parts of life, yet many of us struggle when it comes to finding an appropriate mate. We are born as sexual creatures. Unfortunately, we don't come with a users manual and are supposed to figure out what it all means with little help. Catherine decided to help change that. 

Catherine decided to enthusiastically pursue a career as a HIV/STI Trainer & Sex Educator in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002. She completed a variety of comprehensive sex educator trainings. Catherine became a San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) alum, and later became certified with the State of California as an Advanced Community Health Outreach Worker (CHOW), specializing in conducting HIV/STI street level education to high risk populations in San Francisco.

For almost 6 years Catherine developed her dating coach and sex educator skills while providing front level services to HIV positive youth while working at Bay Area Young (BAY) Positives in the Lower Haight.

As the Program Director, Catherine became a fierce ally, advisor, confidante, and sex educator to the young HIV positive LGBTQIQ Bay Area community. Catherine pioneered the concept of online outreach as a way of decreasing HIV/STI transmission in the San Francisco Bay Area, joined the Mayor's Methamphetamine Task Force, and secured a grant as the first known agency to incorporate live-chat technology in the HIV positive non-profit setting.

In 2005, she was hand picked to become a Off-Site Sex Educator (OSSE) with Carol Queen's non-profit the Center for Sex and Culture and famed female friendly adult retailer Good Vibrations. In 2013, Catherine joined an elite team of sex educators who work with Good Vibrations as a SHOW (Sexual Health Outreach Worker) Presenter. 

As a human sexuality specialist (sm), Catherine has quickly become a sought after and popular media consultant who has been quoted in articles appearing in the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times,,, and more. 

Catherine believes that life is too short to live it unfulfilled and embracing your sexuality is one of the most powerful and beautiful gifts you can give yourself!

Catherine is also a multiple award-winning sex blogger, and has been recognized as one of the top 30 dating coaches in San Francisco. Her newest venture is curating the only comprehensive sex dictionary to be compiled by a single sex educator. 

Catherine mentors and serves as a consultant to other people in the sex educator community on a very limited basis. 

Please note that Catherine is strictly a hands-off sex coach. There is absolutely no touching of any kind. 

As of April, 2016. Catherine Coaches is no longer accepting new clients and has closed her business. 

What Are Your Most Popular Workshops:

Catherine’s most requested and popular workshops are my “Art of Oral Sex, aka Fellatio, Fellatio, Fellatio!" and  "The Physiology of Sexual Pleasure & Sex Toys, aka Oh Yeah! Right There!" 

What Sexuality Topics & Workshops Have You Presented?

  • HIV/STI 101
  • Beyond HIV 101
  • Negotiating Safer Sex for HIV Positive People
  • Safer Sex for Active Drug Users Who are HIV Positive
  • Sex & Dis/ability
  • Violence, Youth, and Sex
  • Substance Use, Sex, and Youth
  • Opening the Door: How to Talk to Youth About Sex
  • Body Image and Youth (aka Love Your Body Now by Finding Your Fabulousness!)  (sm)
  • Body Image, Self Love, & Self Pleasure (sm)
  • The Wondrous Female Orgasm (featuring the not so mythical clitoris) (sm)
  • The Physiology of Sexual Pleasure & Sex Toys (aka Oh Yeah! Right There!) (sm)
  • Couture Sex Toys?  Yes, Please!
  • Power Flirting: How to Flirt with Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace! (sm)
  • The Art of Oral Sex (aka Fellatio, Fellatio, Fellatio!) (sm)
  • I Hear It's Very Popular: A Gentle Introduction to Anal Pleasure (sm)
  • Talk Dirty to Me
  • Never Come Between a Boy and His (Sex)Toys (sm)
  • Sex Spoken Here: Q & A Free-For-All
  • Strap-on Sex
  • Women and Sexual Pleasure
  • Sex Club Etiquette
  • Fantasy and Fetishes

What Sexual Health Conferences Have You Been a Featured Speaker?

  •  Partnerships for Youth Symposium 2004, San Francisco, CA   "Online Hook-ups-How Safe are You?"
  •  Ryan White National Youth Conference 2006, Philadelphia, PA.  "Youth and Internet Sex: Negotiating Risk and Outreach"
  • State of California Early Intervention Program (EIP) Conference 2006, San Mateo, CA.                                                                  "Casual Encounters: Guidelines for Youth Focused Online Outreach"
  •  SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality) Western Region Meeting, 2012, Los Angeles, CA.--Moderator                                         "Assessing the Barriers and Facilitators of HIV Disclosure", "Reclaiming Anal Pleasure: Gender and "Prostage",     "Who is Having Anal Sex and Why?" 

What Human Sexuality Training Have You Completed?

  • CHOW (Community Health Outreach Worker) Training (2002)
  • Level 1 HIV Test Counselor Training (2002)
  • API Wellness Volunteer/ Peer Leader Training (2002)
  • SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information) Training (2002)
  • Prevention for (HIV) Positives Training (2003)
  • CPEP (California Peer Educator Program) (2003)
  • Transgender Sexuality and Health Workshop (2004)
  • Teens Linked to Care Modules 1 and 2 Training (2004)
  • Advanced CHOW Training (2005)
  • Female Sexual Dominance Intensive Workshop (2005)
  • Good Vibrations Sex Educator Sales Associate (SESA) Training   (2006, 2009)
  • Good Vibrations SHOW Training (2013)